Professional Services

Our goal “work out the deal” period.

Ethics and Honesty is the way we conduct business

We are a group of professional consultants. We facilitate transactions from idea, to arranging the finance, through all levels of the process.

We work on either the buy or sell side, with acquisition or divestment focused on companies entrepreneurs, management teams,

  1. Generate deals
  2. Create a action plan for success
  3. Success

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself, so as a group, we act with enthusiasm and without limits to what we can achieve with our clients.

Deal Generation

The main focus of The Investment Group is deal generation.

For either the buy or sell side, we have a proven seven step process as follows:

  1. Our specialised management team and set goals
  2. Research and analysis the market sector and identify compatible targets
  3. Approach these targets
  4. Carry out research and due diligence
  5. Prepare documents and agreements
  6. Finances
  7. Close the deal

We work with motivated and experienced CEO’s and Managing Directors with sector specific knowledge on deal types


Through our extensive networks, we have developed a detailed database. Contains information on sector focus, transaction size and stages of investment. We use this database for a specific financial transaction.

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